Clinical Training

Have you ever wondered how to bridge theoretical constructs with clinical practice? Have you ever found that your graduate training hasn’t quite addressed all of the complex dynamics that arise in clinical practice? We have developed a series of trainings for dedicated clinicians who would like to grow in competence and skill. Our experienced trainers know what it is like to face important clinical decisions right in the moment, and know how important it is to be prepared.
Our courses are designed as boutique experiences. We keep participant numbers limited so that we can be sure to give you time to ask questions, be a part of experiential exercises, and connect with the training group. Each training course is informative and also practical, so that you can take what you learn and bring it right into your office the very next morning.  

Trauma 101

An Overview of Essential Skills for Recognizing and Treating Trauma and Dissociation
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Sand Play Basics Course

Introduction to Sand Play Therapy for Children and Adults
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Child / Adolescent Therapy Crash Course

Essential skills for the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents
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