Child /Adolescent Treatment

Children and teens are some of our most treasured clients. We recognize that our younger clients often live in worlds that seem so very big. They are expected to navigate school life, family dynamics, and their own minds and hearts. Sometimes they struggle because of their own internal challenges, such as emotional distress or cognitive delays. Sometimes they feel unsafe or uncomfortable in their worlds and need help learning how and where to express themselves.


When children or teens have challenges that affect their lives at school, we are available to provide:

- classroom observations
- teacher coaching
- development of behavior programs
- liaising between parents and school faculty to ensure that children’s needs are heard, understood, and addressed in a consistent manner

Family Support
Sometimes children struggle at home when families are going through transitions. Sometimes families struggle to cope with the overwhelming emotional or behavioral needs of their children. No matter where the problems begin, we are here to help find solutions.
-parenting sessions
-family therapy

Gender Expansive Clients

We support children and adolescents across the gender spectrum. We understand that parents may struggle with questions and concerns, and we provide compassionate care to parents as well. We use an evidence-based and gentle approach to support our young clients. We have found that through building resilience and providing a safe space, we can minimize the risks for depression and anxiety, and help create the context for self-confidence and success.


We often work with law guardians and the legal system. Most often, we work to ensure that our younger clients are truly heard so that their best interests can be represented. We are skilled at remaining neutral in cases of divorce and ensuring that the only “side” we take is that of our minor clients.We also work to ensure that our child clients are adequately represented incases of abuse.


We offer a range of therapies designed to help children and teens find their inner voices and express those voices in ways that can help them feel better.

- art therapy
- sand play therapy
- cognitive behavioral therapy
- trauma focused therapy


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