Insurance and Fees

We are committed to providing goal-oriented and transparent treatment. We achieve this by performing detailed assessments that are designed to identify the root cause of any presenting symptoms. We often administer psychometric tests at the beginning, middle, and end of treatment, so that we can make sure you experience real and measurable change.

Please note that we are out of network with most insurance companies. We are in-network with Medicare.


Can I use my insurance to cover therapy sessions?

You may be able to get reimbursement for sessions. This means that you are responsible to pay for sessions at the time that they occur. We will then provide you with an itemized receipt at the end of each month. You can submit that receipt to your insurance provider, and if they provide out of network coverage, they may be able to reimburse you for some or most of your session fee.

How do I know if my insurance provider covers out of network therapy?

Call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask, “do I have coverage for out of network psychotherapy?” If they ask you for treatment codes, you can provide our most commonly used codes, and ask about their reimbursement rate for each code:
90834- individual psychotherapy session (45 min)
90937- individual psychotherapy session (60 minutes)
90846- family psychotherapy

What are your fees per session?

Our fees are based on each clinician’s expertise + experience. They range from $150-350 per session.

Are you in-network with any providers?

We are in network with Medicare, and we are now accepting new clients who are insured with Medicare. If you have Medicare, your sessions will be covered by your insurance and you will not have to pay for sessions. You may have a small “co-insurance” fee, which is the Medicare term for a copay.Contact us and we will help you verify your coverage.